1. What is SOLARR Launchpad?
2. What is a NFT?
3. Is my NFT unique?
4. What are INOs (Initial NFT Offerings)?
5. What is gas fee?
6. What chains do SOLARR Launchpad support?
7. What currencies do we support?
8. How to launch my collection on SOLARR Launchpad?
9. How to participate in an initial sale?
10. What is a wallet?
11. What is a wallet address and how do I find mine?
12. How to connect a wallet?
13. How do I create a wallet?
14. What wallets are supported?
15. Where can I verify my purchase record?
16. Why does the website ask for my signature through the wallet?
17. Why do I need to get MATIC/ETH? How to get MATIC/ETH?
18. Why can’t I choose which NFT to buy in some projects?
19. Why are all the NFT listings in the same template image(reveal F)
20. How do I know more about the project team?
21. How do I contact support?
22. What are the different statuses in the projects and what do they mean?
23. What do ‘spots’ mean?
24. How do I view the NFTs I have purchased on SOLARR Launchpad?
25. I have just purchased an NFT but I am unable to view it in the ‘Activities’ page.